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DNS gone up the spout as well?

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Registered: 31-07-2007

DNS gone up the spout as well?

I can live with the disconnects ....sort of! Just fix them.

But whats with the DNS, sometimes I can get to sites and sometimes nothing and its either thr outing or the DNS that has gone to pot as my friends say they can fine.

Anyone else have this problem?

DNS gone up the spout as well?

Hi, yes that sounds familiar.
My probs started last Sat eve (2nd sept) - can't reach most websites (except parts of the PlusNet website!)

My email s/w still happily polls my mailboxes (both PlusNet and others) but I cannot reach the Gmail POP3 server.
I am also still able to connect to Classic FM radio (streaming media?)

My probs come and go at random, often for hours on end. I have not had any major probs before any of this started.
I'm beginning to wonder whether there is a DNS issue affecting PlusNet's internet feed.
My sync light is always on and I don't normally suffer from disconnections, etc

Just curious whether anybody else has similar probs, as PlusNet "has resolved all issues"


DNS gone up the spout as well?

Hi there.

Can I ask which sites are causing the problems and which browsers are in use.

Can you ping the servers in question and if so are they responding.

If you ping the sites by name are they resolving to IP addresses?

Typing ipconfig /flushdns from a command prompt might also be worth trying.

Soz for the 20 questions but by process of elimination we'll get there. Smiley

DNS gone up the spout as well?

Hi Mark

I used my connection on Sat and did not have any major probs all day. Naively, I thought that PN has solved the 'problem'.

Powered up router & PC again this morning and, apart from a new POP3 problem with all my PN and Free-online mailboxes, I was able to connect to my usual range of websites, EXCEPT for the PlusNet website (couldn't even access their main page).
Didn't have time to ping it but will do so this evening.

However, after approx 30 mins I lost all web connectivity again. Couldn't access anything, incl PN, but no problem with email (except for PN, which I now see was caused by a fault).
Left the house not best pleased, so will need to take stock when I get back later today.

I'm not a techhie, so had to google for 'ping' and 'trace' but will try this later today.

Does anybody know how I can tell whether my bb connection is still supplied through BT or whether it has been unbundled?

My browser is IE6, although I also have Firefox installed (but not in use).