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DNS for dynamic IP ?


DNS for dynamic IP ?


I just had my account changed from PAYG to Plus so I'd get "unlimited" rather than a 1GB cap.

The only reason I didn't do it sooner was that I liked having a static IP as it meant I had a permanently registered DNS that could be used to access my machine.

I thought that, once the switch was made, I'd need to use to maintain a "floating" DNS entry that kept pointing to my IP even when it changed (my Netgear wireless router supports this)

However a DNS lookup on the fixed Plusnet DNS for my line "" shows that this has automatically adjusted to my new IP anyway.

Does this mean I don't need to bother with and can just always rely on held at +net being the DNS entry for my IP?

That is, are Plusnet effectively doing what DynDNS do anyway?

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DNS for dynamic IP ?

As far as I am aware, is just your hostname for your internet connection and nothing else. Even though it does relate to your current IP, I don't think you can use it for accessing what is either port forwarded or DMZ'ed to your IP.

It would be best to use dyndns with your router to get what you want.

DNS for dynamic IP ?

But what I mean is that if you check the DNS for "" you get:	35431	IN	A

So this A record is saying that "" is merely a synonym for my dynamic IP ( so, if I were running an HTTP server say (I'm not!) then it'd be just as valid to access as

But I wanted to be sure I could rely on this so that if, tomorrow, my line is temporarily disconnected then, on reconnect the Plus DHCP gives it that I can rely on the DNS entry "" auto-updating to now be ....134 rather than ....87 ?