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DNS configuration


DNS configuration

Hopefully the last problem with setting up our ADSL router:

We seem to have a DNS problem in that there is a long delay between entering a web address and the page appearing, sometimes long enough to time out.

All PC's on the LAN are configured by DHCP running on our Win2k server, which also provides DNS for resolution of computer names on the LAN.

In the DHCP Scope Options I have set our DNS server first and then the two PlusNet DNS servers. IPCONFIG on a workstation reveals DNS servers set to,,

DNS on the server also has Forwarding, set to the PlusNet DNS servers.

I have tried various other combinations, which so far have only worsened the situation.

Comments welcome - thanks in advance

Keith P.

DNS configuration

Just a small point, but aren't the recommended PlusNet DNS servers for ADSL customers and (Actually, I include the other two as well, but after those two).

You could try using nslookup at a Windows command prompt to try to assess the delay in returning a response to a DNS query. EG:
    nslookup (using your default DNS server list)

    nslookup (sending the query directly to a PlusNet DNS server)

DNS configuration

thanks very much - changing over to the DNS servers you listed did the trick!