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DNS Updates


DNS Updates


I have the 2MB plus account. I run and manage a lot of websites. I have an issue with DNS on the account not updateing. The domains are not with Plus.Net. if i change a setting on a domain else where it updates and runs 100% fine for every one not on plus.Net however when it comes to users it has not updated. is there a way to fulse updates on dns records?

if someone can help me that be good.


DNS Updates

Hi Luke,

There have been some issues recently with the DNS and Plusnet although this has now been resolved.

I have my pc setup to use alternate DNS servers also to resolve domain names ( my mates until I have set mine up ) which have a ahabit of updating in a few hours as apposed to 3 - 4 days which is what I found at one point ( although I no longer think this is the case ) with the Plusnet DNS servers.