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DNS Server for Plusnet


DNS Server for Plusnet

I used a fixed entry for my DNS server, which way back when I signed up with plusnet was the following But for 5 days now I could not get the mail server of plusnet or even load any page from the site (although my broadband was working fine for other pages).

I changed tonight to the BT DNS server and things are now working, but can anybody shed any light on what has happened?

Also what DNS should I be using supplied by Plusnet?
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DNS Server for Plusnet and its mate was taken out of mainstream service several years ago and there were various posting and service status reports at the time saying this. It was going to be completely removed but I think that never happened due to a lot of people still using it - I also think it may have been reassigned for PAYGO dialup users.

Anyway, you have two options:

1) Set-up your system/router to obtain the DNS IPs automatically (my recommendation)

2) Manually configure it in windows using any of the following:,,,

I have all 4 plus 2 opendns IPs in windows.

DNS Server for Plusnet

Thanks for the answer. Funny how it only became a problem last week.

Anyway, I will note down those servers.