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DNS Forwarding


DNS Forwarding

Hi everyone,

Not sure which section to ask this question in - have tried CGI & Scripting but not getting any answers.

I have a domain with another company (1&1) and wish to point the domain name to my PlusNet CCGI space.

I've found the following solution to this:

The nameservers for the domain would require to be changed to:


You need to then send a Contact Us ticket to us requesting that we transfer in the domain leaving the administrative and billing contacts as they are.

All of that seems fair enough BUT I want to point my domain to a subdirectory of my CCGI folder. How can I do this?

Any help on this will be appreciated.

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DNS Forwarding

The ccgi does not suport pointing domains at sub-directories.

You will have to do it either via .htaccess rewrite rules or use a php index file to redirect to the relevant directory after checking the domain being asked for.