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DNS Blues :s


DNS Blues :s

I am trying to sign up and register an account with Neteller, but when i press the signup button it then passes me onto a "Cannot find server or DNS Error" page.

I have routed it down to it most likely being the settings on my ADSL router, but have yet to find the setting causing it.

I have checked my IE settings etc and have the same problem on all 4 computers in the house that work via the router.

My router is a DABS Conexant AMX-CA64E and has the latest firmware version CA6XR-GN.0924.00T

Please can anybody help me??

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DNS Blues :s

Have you checked that it wasn't just a temporary prolem? Sometimes websites do go down for a bit...


DNS Blues :s

Yes, I have been trying to get onto the site now for months on and off. Always getting the DNS error, yet I can access most of the other pages at the site ?Huh

DNS Blues :s

If you are getting on and off error, I would sugest the following.

Set your router so that only NAT is performed. IE, no firewall or IDS (intrusion detection).

Makw sure you disable any firewall on your PC.

Attempt the conenction again.

ANy results?

DNS Blues :s

I wouldnt say on/off, its always been like this on the neteller website. I havent got any firewall active on my system, neither XPs built in one or any other.

I have got my router set up like suggests as well

The only thing that I can come to think be stopping this is Neteller themselves. If they have blocked my IP would i get this effect?

DNS Blues :s


The DNS failure messages is a little suprise givewn to us by MS. It is infact a generic error message that is displayed for sites that exist, but are not responding.

The reason I sugested the above, is because I have seen simalar issues in the past. and other SSL secured sites, would take forever to load, or not at all.

It was all down to the IDS system wihtin our SAR715PV router.