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DLINK adsl line info


DLINK adsl line info

Is the information that my router is reporting accurate? If so, should I not be ablet o get 1 or 2mb? - we only get 512kb radsl at present.

Downstream 576 kbps
Upstream 288 kbps

SNR 21 dB

ATEN Downstream 48 dB
ATEN Upstream 31 dB

Loop Distance
Loop Distance 10 K ft.
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DLINK adsl line info

Yes the information will be fairly accurate.
You will only get the speed that you are paying for which for most people is 512k
Should you want faster speeds you need to subscribe to a more expensive account. Cry
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DLINK adsl line info

...Which will unfortunately require re-activating your line.


DLINK adsl line info

Strange that, when BT originally tested the line, we were told that we could ONLY have the radsl service. The BT line test also says we can only get RADSL.

If these figures are accurate, then we should be well within the limits for 2mb even.

If it is the case that we can get a faster service, then all the better, I wouldn't mind paying the £50 again.

Perhaps someone from PN can comment.? Smiley
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DLINK adsl line info

Hi there,

The figure you're looking for is attenuation, and in your case this seems to be 48dB - this will need to be 45dB or lower to qualify for "normal" ADSL, i.e., not RADSL.

Although this is only 3 "units" too high, remember that the decibel scale isn't linear (it's logarithmic IIRC), so it's quite a way off, I'm afraid. Sad