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DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!


DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!

Hi there

I'm at my wits end with this router!

I've been onto the Atari forums and various Unreal forums and had lots of help but STILL cannot get people connected via my dedicated server game!

I can connect locally over my LAN and it is advertised on the MasterBrowser but shows no stats and ping is N/A.

Heres some info:-

XP Firewall is off on all pc's my side.
Latest 3323 patch for UT2004 on all my PC's.
I was advised to change the 7777 port to something less standard, so opted for 10101.

IP address my side for PC hosting game =

This is what I have the router configured for at the moment.


7777 to 7788 UDP >
10101 TCP >


7777 to 7788 UDP > (allow any WAN traffic)
11777 UDP > (allow any WAN traffic)
28902 TCP/UDP > (allow any WAN traffic)
10101 TCP > (allow any WAN traffic)

If you require any more info please let me know.


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DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!

you made One mistake, the Server 10101 port is UDP not TCP the only TCP port is for the master server handshake port.

So would recommend you reset the ports to the standards until you get it working and Then customise it.
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DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!

Thanks - will try that and report back...

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DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!

Still no go...ports set back to default.

DG834G and UT2004 - AARRGH!!!

All sorted now - went back to the drawing board with clean .ini files and cleared out my router rules - all running fine now. What a nightmare!

Cheers for the help.