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DG834 + DLINK DGL-4300


DG834 + DLINK DGL-4300

Ok, I've got my hands on a DGL-4300 wireless modem/router for a few days to test out a config. My aim was to have this DGL set up to act as a QoS server for VoIP (since my DG834 can't do that), as it's got some great features, so as it's on "loan" for a few days I wondered if I could get it to integrate woth the DG834...

here's the problem...the DGL is a cable based modem/router, so the WAN port is RJ45, where as my connection is ADSL with RJ11 connection. So, how to hook up the DGL to my network to filter packets for QoS.

My idea was to leave the dg834 hooked to to my ADLS conn, then patch the LAN port to the WAN port of the DGL. My idea being to treat the dg834 as a "slave" modem, then have the rest of my network hanging off the DGL's LAN ports, hence, all traffic gets shaped via the DGL before going out through the dg834.

Prob is, not matter what setting I try to set up in the DGL to use the dg834 as a modem, nothing works Sad Options on the DGL are static (supply IP address, gateway subnet, and dns servers), PPoE, DHCP, PPT and L2TP.

The best results I have at the moment is via Static IP, it at least says its connected but no web access.

These are my current settings:

The DG834 is set to with DHCP enabled (range 5-9).
The DGL-4300 is set to IP with DHCP enabled to (21-41)

dg834 is connected fine to the ISP, IP assigned, subet mask of, DNS servers ok. If I connect just to this router via patch cable, all OK.

dgl-4300 is attached to the dg834 via WAN port, Static IP set up to connect to, sub 255.255.255, gateway,

Says I am connected but no web respones (but can ping the network).

Any suggestions or ideas on how to get this set up working? Is it possible? Has anyone else done anything similar beforeHuh

DG834 + DLINK DGL-4300

Yes, Firstly you will need to make sure that the lan netwoprk on the 4300 is set to something different to the cable modem's lan side. Ie you have a buffer network.

You will need to forward al ports on the cable modem to the virtual wan address of the 4300 then set this up for whatever you need.

An easier alternative is to request a new static IP block from Plusnet which will allow you to make the second router "visible" to the internet. You then disable NAT on the first router then use the second as the main firewall, router. Using the first one as the gateway.

This is not definitive, but is similar to what i have working, ie a BT adsl modem/router then a Netgear firewall, I also run exchange and terminal servers.

DG834 + DLINK DGL-4300

Can you not make the DG834 acts like a bridge? May the following link may helps though someone from Netgear said that it is impossible.

DG834 + DLINK DGL-4300

Thanks guys, forgot to mentioned that your suggestions have worked. Have the following set up:

Netgear ADSL modem hooked up to phone line with all ports directed to the LAN port which on turn is connected the DGL's WAN port. (192.168.0.x)

DGL-4300 connected to the Netgear via DHCP (only worked this way but the netgear only serves one IP to the 4300), then using teh 4300, set up DHCP for teh rest of devices to run off 192.168.10.x, plus enabled all the tasty QoS, and firewall options of the 4300. VoIP works a treat now with no interruptions in service while downloading.