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DG814 Connection Dropping


DG814 Connection Dropping

My NetGear DG814 router has suddenly started dropping the ADSL connection. Can someone offer any advice. I'm not sure if my router has packed up or whether the phone line is to blame.

I've tried some of the suggestions posted in these forums:
1. Using different filters
2. Removing any other devices in the house connected to the phone line
3. Direct connection between router and master socket with and without using filter

But the problem still occurs. This has been happening for over 2 days now and occurs at any time, day or night.

The green light is solid on the router and I can browse a couple of web sites, then suddenly the light goes off. This also occurs when the PC is not switched on, so suggests some kind of ADSL connection problem. The drop outs can occur as frequent as every couple of minutes, sometimes the connection can last an hour before it drops.

For the last year my 1Mb ADSL connection has been very good. I've had a look in the router log file and I am seeing lots of PPP Disconnect messages.

I phoned up PlusNet support and was told my password was incorrect, even though I've haven't modified anything in my router configuration for months. I've tried re-entering my password but no difference. I've also done a factory reset of the router and upgraded to the latest firmware, but still no luck.

I've tried replacing the DG814 with a SpeedTouch 330 USB modem and that seems to be better at keeping the connection up. I had a look at the diagnostics screen of the SpeedTouch and I've got these figures.

DSL Duration: 1hr 16min
PPP Duration: 1hr 16min
Loss of signal: 26
Loss of framing: 26
Loss of link: 0
Errored seconds: 26

ReceiveAttenuation_dB = 56
ReceiveMargin_dB = 13
SendAttenuation_dB = 31
SendMargin_dB = 25

The ReceiveAttenuation figure seems to be within the acceptable range for a 1 Mbs ADSL service., but I don't know about the other figures. I live 4.8km from the exchange.

Any help appreciated.