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D-link G604T Won't connect


D-link G604T Won't connect


I received my new router yesturday all exited but can't get it to work! Sad
The set-up is straightforward and I already have a LAN connection set-up from the previous router.
I can talk to the router via my web browser and the ADSL light is on constantly but the status light is flashing.
There is no software on the computer to remove from the old set-up and I have gone back to this until I can get the D-link to work.

Anyone had similar problems with this router :?
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D-link G604T Won't connect

Have you checked the manual to find out what a flashing status light means?

ADSL sound slike the sync light. If so it must be the config you have entered.

Does the router have an automatic config option or did you configure it manually. If so post what you entered?

I assumemyou are using the correct router login and password. login will be or with the password the same as the portal login.

Other settings would be: multiplexor mode: VCMUX, VCI 0, VPI 38, PPoA WAN IP & DNS server assigned.

Also see this thread (found using the search).

D-link G604T All sorted


The reason why the router wasn't working was because the "keep alive" value was incorrectly set. It should have neen Zero. I set it to Zero and all is well!
It seems to pop along! Cheesy