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D-Link DSL-200 and Windows XP


D-Link DSL-200 and Windows XP


Anybody have any experience of setting one of these up? I have an ADSL active light on the front, but am struggling to get any connection.

How should this be set up - there are three installation options, ATM Mode, WAN Mode and LAN mode, and various modulation options (currently set to G. DMT) VPI and VCI as per the PlusNet configuration guide.

I'm sure life was easier with W2K and 9x than it seems to be with XP! Any assistance would be appreciated!

TIA - Chris.

RE: D-Link DSL-200 and Windows XP

No worries - all sorted. Bit of lateral thinking required!
If you need help with this h/w and o/s, feel free to post and I'll endeavour to assist.