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D-Link 614+ Error


D-Link 614+ Error

i think i have traced the network problems to this device in my network,

all the clients have the dlink 510 wireless card and i have a d-link 300g adsl modem, and a 614+ broadband router,

however i keep getting this error on the router

Nov/27/2003 18:08:28 Drop packet from LAN Out of NAT buffer (1)

any ideas how to stop this?

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D-Link 614+ Error

Sorry to post without an answer, but I'm looking for some help on exactly the kit you have installed...

I've got a DLink 300G+ ethernet modem and the connection is quite happily running away.

I've also got a D-Link 614+ but I can't work out how to set it up (and the support on the site is hopeless).

I've connected the modem to the router via a normal CAT5 cable.

I've then gone into my browser and pulled up the web interface.

On the WAN screen I've selected Dynamic IP address and I've changed the LAN IP address to be different to the which the modem is on...

However when I boot everything up, my PC gets a 192.168.0.* address from the router, but it's not seeing the internet at all...

Any ideas ?

D-Link 614+ Error

"eglons": There are several earlier threads which deal with the sort of configuration you're interested in (different equipment, but same principle). See, for example, Separate Netgear ADSL Modem and Router Port Fordwarding..Huh In short, for the LAN IP Address of the D-Link 614+, try setting the address to, and change the pool of addresses for its DHCP Server to reflect that change.

D-Link 614+ Error

Thanks for the advice, but I'm no further forward... The modem is non-configurable (other than setting the connection), it's IP Address is

I set the LAN interface on the rotuer to as suggested and I've tried the router with dynamic IP address and static IP address ( as suggested) and default gateway of I've rebooted everything, but the only effect seems to be to confuse the modem which loses it's connection settings and needs to be reflashed to get it reconnected... 4 hours playing about and no further forward hence the original question to the original poster who seems to be using the same kit exactly so he must know how it works !

D-Link 614+ Error

Ok, in view of your comment, I've taken a closer look at the particular equipment you're using, and it doesn't conform to my assumptions about it, so the reference to those other posts was erroneous (as you've found out the hard way). Apologies for misleading you, although as it happens I don't think it was too far off-track.

I found a DLink document (PDF file) which covers setting up the equipment you have as a pair. See

I'd be tempted to set up the DSL-300G+ by itself first, by connecting it to a single PC and using its default settings, and following the first few pages in the document. Then shutdown, connect the DI-614+ it its place (leaving the DSL-300G+ disconnected), and continue your configuration with the bit which deals with the DI-614+. You'll see you have to change its LAN address from its default of, because this clashes with the address of the DSL-300G+. They use a 10 address, though the 192.168.1 address I suggested would have been equally applicable. When you've done that, shutdown everything again, connect the DSL-300G+, and then restart. You should start the DSL-300G+ first (it has to supply the WAN address to the DI-614+), wait until its fully started, then start the DI-614+, wait until that's fully started (it supplies addresses to the PCs) and then start your PC(s). If you follow their instructions, the DI-614+ should be accessible at address and the DSL-300G+ at

Hope that helps!

As an aside, I found an interesting comment on the DSL-300G+:

ADSLGuide[/url]"]The DLink [300G+] and X-modem are unique in that they do not contain any NAT router, and therefore present the full Internet IP address to the single computer that connects to the modem. This means users who have a single computer can benefit from a full IP connection, without the problems of USB modems. Additionally modems like this are useful for people who already own a cable/dsl router from a previous cable modem service and want to continue to use it, or to present the full IP to a router that handles firewalling/VPN issues. Some ADSL modem/routers have DHCP_Spoof modes that make them transparent also, but often these modes are not as reliable and for new users can be confusing to set-up

D-Link 614+ Error

Actually you were spot on with your original post. The problem seems to have been the firmware was miles out of date on both devices, I flashed those and then followed the document and it looks like I'm in business,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.