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D Link 604 Router


D Link 604 Router

Just bought the D Link 604 Router and D Link DSL 300 T Modem because many sites state the 604 Router to be compatible with X Box Live. The Other reason is because my Solwise SAR110 ADSL router constantly loses connection with X Box Live and no matter what I did to try and configure the router I could not resolve the problem. Hence the D Link 604.

I’m actually sat at work going through the manuals for setting up the router and modem, so I’m anticipating having a few problems when I get home this evening. I know from past experience that setting up this kind of stuff can frustrating unless you are familiar with networking and understand the terminology.

So, has any one else got the D Link 604 set up using plus net as there ISP?
Have you had any problems?
Looking through the set up guide there seems to be many setting to configure, like for example PPPoE, PPTP, should I simply skip these screens?

Any help would or advice would be appreciated, and if you’re on X Box live I might see you there, if you fancy a game that is. Rainbow Six 3 is the game I play. (If I can get in before the kids) If you want to trade gamertags let me know.

Ok enough said

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D Link 604 Router

Although i dont have the Dlink the settings that you need are all
standard settings

then fill in "username" and your password

anything else will be in the setup manual but these are the main
as i say i dont know this one but a lot of routers will auto configure
themselves, mine did