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Customer service!!! Ha what a joke


Customer service!!! Ha what a joke

Hi all

I Know most of you already know that plusnets CS is a joke, but i need to get my 2 pence worth in so here goes. My connection has dropped from 5Mb to now just above 100kbps, i completed all the test that CS asked me to try including using a different router and three different filters, plugging the routers directly into the BT master socket and the test port behind the face plate, so i feel that i've done my part. First of all CS said that there was an issue with the line or the hardware i was using so i tested the hardware as mentioned, then they send me this reply:

Dear Mr James,
Please be advised that BT have recently advised us that just under 50% of the UK's telephone exchanges are heavily contended.

As such, your speeds may be slower at peak times, or in general.

Please check your telephone number with the following tool, and find out the status of the VP Capacity:

If this shows as green, please perform three speedtests, as per the following document:

If this shows as RED, BT should be undertaking work as soon as possible to get the capacity upgraded; also, unfortunately, we are unable to do anything about this.

I hope this helps.

link:CSA removed

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

so i they trying to tell me that 100kbps is all i'm going to get for £21.99 a month? Even dick turpin wore a mask

I'd been checking the exchange status anyway so i new there was no problem there, so i go the the BT speedchecker and what does it say?

You can only use the Broadband Speed Test if your broadband network provider is BT.

Are these Guys having a fucking laugh or what, that was the last that i've heard i don't think they got a clue.

i've never had much trouble before with plusnet but when i have it's been a complete nightmare to sort out and i think this is the last straw, if my connections not sorted soon i'm going to cancel the direct debit at my bank for plus net and they can whistle for a months notice because this is a joke after all we all pay for a service thats not being delivered.

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