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Customer response - of any kind ????


Customer response - of any kind ????

Is it possible to talk to anyone at Plusnet :
Nobody answers the Phones
No e:mail help replies
cannot use the post
the link of change of address and telephone number does not acknowledge if data has been received
no update or response

but the direct debit keeps going out and i cannot connect as I have moved house

Is there anybody there HuhHuhHuh?

Customer response - of any kind ????


I can sympathise with you totally. I have now been without a stable connection for well over a month. I have lost track of all the emails I have sent. The last response I had was 2 weeks ago and that just states that they are moving it to the correct query pool.

I am seriously considering just canceling the direct debits just to get their attention.

Plus net has by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Its even worse than trying to return goods to ikea..

I tried to call them today on the lo-call number, Wait time was estimated at 1 hour. Strangely enough I did not bother to wait.

There has got to be some way of contacting someone at plus net that can help in some way.


Customer response - of any kind ????

I had decided actually that I would simply cancel the direct debit, and if it comes to that, I will, but apparently if you do that, it is not the same as cancelling as plusnet leave a block of some kind on the line making it impossible to sign up with someone else.

You are basically trapped unless plusnet respond to you...which they may not do, that is obvious from the numerous posts here and on ADSL Guide :/. I have spoken to a few people and been told it will be impossible to move to another provider without plusnet's cooperation somewhere.

But you can at least cut off their revenue stream, though that will only punish them, it won't help you :/

Apparently if you cannot get what you want from plusnet your only option is Offcom. They, allegedly, can get things moving for you.

I have 2 tickets outstanding. One is for the fact I have no connection and the ticket states BT will provide an update in 48 to 72 hours (Thursday), the other is a request for my MAC key which, after being moved to the correct queue, has not been updated.

So in my eyes, plusnet have a couple of days perhaps to update those tickets satisfactorily before I start to get angry and think about cancelling direct debits and calling offcom.

Of course, the angrier I get, the less chance of me giving plusnet the benefit of the doubt and the more likely I am to move despite the pain-in-the-arse moving ISP's is!

Customer response - of any kind ????

The best thing to do is cancel your PlusNet account. I have been trying to contact them for 4 weeks, but to no avail. Even cancelling your contract is difficult. I have left several messages on the help assistant asking to cancel my contract but these have been deleted. I then sent a letter by recorded delivery 3 weeks ago but no reply. PlusNet are completely hopeless and will probably not be around for very much longer!