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Creative Router


Creative Router

hey folks,

I am trying to connect a Creative DSL router to plusnet, and it wont work.
It is asking for some weird info on ppoa as either ppoa LLC or ppoa vc-mux both of which mean absolutely nothing.

Can ya lend a handHuh


PS im on a dial up at the mo Tongue

Creative Router

You need PPOA VC, also if asked you want VPI = 0 and VCI = 38
But there will likely be an option for auto detect for these numbers
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Creative Router

It dont matter the problem was not the setting (althogh they were weird) thier has been an interuption in the signup process - i didnt know that the good PN staff were unable to distinguish between uppercase and lowecase - (jus a joke wit a poke Tongue ) - seriously though thats the only problem, the postcode grainne entered was in lowercase with no spaces.

any who hope this all gets sorted pretty soon, im sure it will.

Just lettin ya jknow there is no need to reply

PN are exhonorated - BT's Fault - surprise surprise!!!