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Creative DSL Router - HELP!!


Creative DSL Router - HELP!!

Hi all

I have finally managed to get broadband working after about a month Tongue

It was down to a fault at the BT exchange.


I have a Creative DSL Router which does not seem to pick up a DSL Line.

When turned on the DSL LED continuously flashes, it worked yesturday when BT were configuring my line but I could not access the internet with it.

Then once they had sorted the line out it started to flash again.

I have heard on the grape vine that it could have something to do with Gain on the line, could this be the problem :?:



Creative DSL Router - HELP!!

Very doubtful.

Line gain doesn't benefit the DSL portion of the line at all. By increasing th gain, you increase both the signal and the noise, thus they remain in the same proportions.

Have you attempted to unplug the modem from the power for a few mins then plugging it back in?

Some times ater first sync, they won't retrain.

Have you attempted to follow the Troubleshooting Tutorial HERE?

Creative DSL Router - HELP!!

Can you confirm:

1/ You can now access the net via DSL using a different router/modem than the Creative ??

2/ It is only the Creative Modemn that will not sync.
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Creative DSL Router - HELP!!

Also make sure you are using the latest firmware and drivers. Should be able to find them on the creative web site somewhere, as you don't supply the full make/model details I can't look myself.