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Contract / upgrade help


Contract / upgrade help

Im thinking about upgrading to cut costs but wanting a little help.
Yea yea this sounds stupid but I can find anything about the service im on.

Service - PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 1Mb (Annual Contract, No Modem) - Original - original

Cost = £29.99

I also have three domain ( names connected to the webspace which are free due to my contract and does seem to cost £1 in new contract.

So I can compair like for like anyone got details of whats free/included in the contract im on? also suggest my best options for getting faster boardband and lowering costs. I cant use payg or lite as I tend to download >40gb a month at present 70gb and also use about 200mb of web and the cgi server.

Contract / upgrade help

Seems to me that you need the Residential: Broadband Premier 2Mb account, which seems to suit your needs nicely - costs £21.99 + £3 for 3 domains.

Of course, you are able to upgrade your account to this new product, via My Account; Account details / Account Summary, in Plusnet's portal web pages. Note, sometimes there is a fee to pay for down/upgrades - see this page for details: