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Continually Failing Connection


Continually Failing Connection

Have spent several hours today trying to get new plusnet stuff up and running. It has collapsed with fatal error exception more times than I care to count (each time locking the computer and requiring reboot from scratch).

I would run the BT tests, but plusnet is refusing to recognise either username.

I would phone the helpline (again) but I have better things to do with my life (and better music to listen to) than sit for the 15 minutes before answer that they are quoting.

Various sites seem to suggest the modem comes from a christmas cracker, so could this be the problem?

Whilst ranting, has anyone else tried to connect Plusnet webmail to Outlook (we are running Outlook 2000 and Windows 98SE) - we have been through all the help sheets but it still won't work. Not sure if it is part of the problem but we have two users on the same computer with different desktops/user logins. One of these logins doesn't recognise the modem (even though it is clearly there in the toolbar) so that the access to the internet has had to be configured manually.

For info, we are running the latest version of ZoneAlarm security suite.

We managed to get through (somehow) to the helpdesk where a geek could only repeat "Outlook is a Microsoft product" and offer no further help - I am not remotely tech minded but even I had worked this one out!


Are there already threads running on Outlook?

Continually Failing Connection

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

I take it you are using the BT Voyager Modem?

It sounds like a faulty or corrupt install or a problem with your system. Whilst I personally do not like any USB modems, the Voyager is as good as any and there are many thousands in use daily in the UK.

I would suggest that you completely uninstall the modem, reboot your system, disable any anti virus or firewall application and re run the install disc, ensuring that you do not connect the modem to your usb port until prompted to do so.

As you havent provided the error code I cant be much more specific.

As for connecting Outlook to Webmail, this is impossible. Plus Net, like most ISP' provide a POP3 mail service and as such, that is the only way mail can be collected by your mail client.

Untill you get the modem installed and operating correctly it is likely that you will continue to see email errors and connectivity errors.

On a final note, I would recommend that you refrain from attacking Plus Net staff on the forums. Feedback, good and bad is most welcome, derogatory remarks and attacks are not.

Should you require any further help, do not hesitate to post back.