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After a couple of years with Plusnet and no major problems I now have only occasional internet and no e-mail for three days. Help telephones are never answered and nor is my ticket dealt with. What to do next?


PLUSNET - hope you read all this ....

What do we do next ?......

As a very loyal customer who has referrred lots of my customers to +net I now feel embarassed by the poor performance issues constantly affecting my friends and customers - And everyone else on these forums !!

What can we all do to resolve this ? - exactly as we as are doing now - use the forum and raise tickets , lots of them until you get what you want

But some how +nets performance is not what it was and despite all attempts to get them to sort things out I feel punters will switch ISPs.
P2P is very popular and gagging your connection is not the answer - PLUSNET please note : we are are your customers and we are not getting what we pay for , only a small percentage are novices who have incorrect setups to blame , the rest of us know what we are doing and more to the point we know what level of performance we require from ISPs