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Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!


Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

Hi all,
I live in E Cornwall and have been with PN for over 2 1/2 years now Smiley and since joining I have run a small home network to share my broadband connection. At the centre is a Netgear DG834G v1 running firmware v1.05.00 which has worked well. The only time I have had problems has been when I upgraded the firmware to either ver 2.xx or ver 3.xx when the connection would go down and stay down :roll: . Restoring v1.05 restored the connection. Last Tuesday the connection went down and has stayed down Sad - the "i" on the router went amber indicating it was trying to reconnect but couldn't. Numerous attempts and postings with PN went nowhere other than for me to be told the problem was in the house :? so I took the plunge and bought a new router - a DG834PN. This picks up the ADSL line and shows a green "i" - but I still cannot get on to the internet. The error message shows a CHAP authentication failure and is exactly the same problem stated above when trying to connect following a software upgrade. On the 834PN I have tried using the wizard, not using the wizard, netgear website, these forums - no joy. I have tried "bt_test@startup_domain" without success, but not sure how significant it is. Has anyone else had similar problems? If anyone can offer any suggestions and tips I would be grateful.
Andy Thomas
(PS don't believe my local exchange has been down the LLU route and I am still on 2.2 mbps line)

Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

We're all having problems, and it's not our end I'm sure. Tonight has been terrible, hardly been connected at all, had them check things, they say nothing's wrong, but we all have up to date equipment and it's all our fault. I do hope things get better than this.

Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

We're all having problems...

Well I'm not for one; albeit I'm in Greater Manchester, not deepest Cornwall.

Yes, I had four weeks of Hell (i.e. mostly on dial-up) when I first went over to MaxDSL, and I was at my wits-end with frustration. But since then, Stability Rules OK!

Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

Hi Zillion, I am in Greater Manchester too, Wigan actually, and I am having dreadful problems, do you think it is down to who is running the hardware at the exchange? Do you know which one you're on? When you say you had 4 weeks of hell, mostly on dial up, do you mean it was that bad you had to use dial up? Or have you only just gone to BB connection from dial up?

Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

Well what can I say, at first service was good but over the last couple of months absolutely diabolical!!!!! pn support said they'd sort it out and I even got 1.8 Mb download but it was a freak and now I'm back to normal.......connection being dropped all the time......0.1 Mb - 0.2 Mb at best.....

My do I REGRET leaving Zen and to think it was to save £20.00 a month.....hindsight's a cruel thing.....

can things get any worse??

how do I remove myself ftom this mess......


Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

I had just the same problem,
I used the wifes laptop and found that the internet connection was running at 3.6 MBPS when my PC was getting 250 kbps after some investigation i have now sorted it.
I would get another PC/Laptop to test your line just to make sure.
It was due to me changing settings on my motherboard and my MTU settings being to low on my router.
I was very frustrated when the PN fault line checker says your line is ok. when i was getting dismal speeds.
I have set my MTU at 1492 and reset my motherboard settings to default.
I hope this helps

28-08-2006 19:32:59 3404.3
28-08-2006 19:07:47 3065.9
27-08-2006 18:59:03 3458
27-08-2006 18:58:51 1857.5
27-08-2006 18:58:36 2569.1
27-08-2006 11:36:38 239.6
27-08-2006 10:57:25 238.9
27-08-2006 10:32:40 235.3
26-08-2006 20:11:27 235.9
26-08-2006 20:07:37 242.4
26-08-2006 20:03:52 238.6
26-08-2006 20:02:10 240.8
21-08-2006 22:00:38 3574.7
20-08-2006 16:03:20 3574.7
20-08-2006 15:10:10 3249.5
20-08-2006 15:00:58 3317.9

Re: Connectivity - Now getting very fed up!!

Hi all,
I live in E Cornwall and have been with PN for over 2 1/2

I have had problems before like this,
I purchased a new DG834N and found my connection was still down after problems with my DG834GT (no green internet light.)
I have a Netgear DG834GT and found that my filters keep on failing after some testing with the filters i had left over from other purchases i found that the netgear supplied filters were faulty, THE GREEN LIGHT CAME ON.
So i purchased brand new filters for my network/phone.
I would try to plug the router & new filters directly in the master socket first.