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Connection timing out


Connection timing out

Have a minor issue after successfully setting up a router for new 1mb ADSL Home connection. I brought a Belkin 4 port modem/router, the specs and picture of it can be seen here

It works a treat and the speed is great. However, after initially connecting if it's left for around 10 mins (haven't timed it precisely) then the data light drops and I have to log back in the router ( and manually reconnect the line. The sync light is permantly on, so I'm happy nothing is wrong there.

I have read various posts on other peoples connections that also time out but they tend to be regarding Binatone kit etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might be able to disable what's happening, or at least set the time out to zero ? I have looked through all the setup pages of the router but can't see anything relevant there. Would it be something within windows ? (Two PC's are connected up, one is on XP the other on 2000)

Cheers in advance,

Dave W

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Connection timing out

Thanks acarr... wasn't sure how to post a url properly...

Having read the pdf manual again, it looks as if there is a timeout and dial on demand section on the router, but I certainly didn't spot it. Will have another look this evening when home. If it's still not there, might have to update the firmware I guess.