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Connection stuck at verification stage


Connection stuck at verification stage

Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I honestly find everything about plusnet, including the layout of their site, confusing as hell.
I notice a lot of people are experiencing problems with lost connections, but I wonder if anyone else has the same problem as me? Whenever I try to connect, I get to the ‘Verifying username and password’ stage and no further. This used to happen occasionally, but now is a constant problem – I have been unable to get online at all for 2 weeks.
I have contacted plusnet many times about this, and each time I get what is clearly an automated resonse asking me to ‘answer the following questions’ so they can identify the fault. The questions, however, have no relevance to my problem, asking things like ‘what are you doing online when you lose the connection?’
Help! Please!
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same problem

Hi, I have the same problem and the only way I can temporarily solve it is to disconnect my modem then reboot it.
This gets me online for about two minutes before I have to carry out the routine again. I have used three modems and paid for my line to be checked.
The problem seems to be with ADSLMax and nothing at my end.
The problem started just over four weeks ago, and has got worse.

Connection stuck at verification stage

Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, I have tried this and the problem persists. You say yours has got worse lately; mine has too. Rebooting the computer used to help, but not any more.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? I have yet to receive an answer online to my questions, although they were posted weeks ago, and every time I try the telephone helpline I wait for about half an hour, only to get either told to call back later or cut off as soon as the operator answers!

I wonder, does anyone know where I and everyone else having difficulties stand contractually? I believe I would be within my rights to cease payment to plusnet citing a breach of contract, but I may be wrong.