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Connection speed


Connection speed


I have made several telephone conversations to yourselves regarding the loss of connection. Since these conversations I have purchased a new filter, which appeared to be working for a while. However, I find that when downloading material from the web that connection is sometimes lost. Can you please confirm the reasons for this as some of the sites cannot be downloaded.

Thank you.

Connection speed

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Firstly this is not an official support medium and this particular section is rarely visited by Plus Net staff. If you require an official response you will need to raise a ticket.

In the meantime some of us forum members may be able to help.

When you state that connection is lost, is it just the connection to those sites or does the modem / router loose synch with the exchange. IE does the adsl / link light stay steady, flash or go out?

When you loose connection, how do you re establish connectivity?

Sorry for the questions, but we have to go through a process of elimination.