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Connection speed


Connection speed

I have used the BT speedtester from the Plusnet site and this gave me a result indicating 450 kbps Cheesy

Having seen a link from a message in these forums to, I have carried out tests there several times and the result is only an average of 129 kbps Cry

Which is correct?

I have to say that I was expecting a much bigger difference with broadband than I have got (only had it a week), compared with my old dial-up, so the second result seems more logical to me.

Any advice much appreciated

Connection speed

Speedtests in general aren't that reliable, but
to answer your question, both are 'correct'.
The Plusnet test is a direct route to your ISP and
therefore you should expect the highest speeds.
The Numion test (and I assume it was a 'worldwide test'
from different servers) combines some long distance higher
latency tests which tend to slow things down although 129Kb
seems too low.
I would suggest you try some MTU tweaking , look at the similarly
entitled topic in this forum for tips, this should help to obtain some
PS. If you are using the Binatone modem you may wish
to carry out a tweaktest first
to check your current MTU setting.

Connection speed

Thanks for your reply.

The Numion test was a UK test, not worldwide (I'll try that). I have carried out the tweaktest fro the link you gave and got results, but to be honest, I don't understand what I am looking at Shockedops:

I will look at the MTU topic as you suggest.

Connection speed

Post the results of the tweaktest (the link) and we'll have a look.
Windows defaults to MTU 1500 but some have reported that
the Binatone modem sets MTU @1472.
ADSLguide speedtest is another you can try.

Connection speed

ADSL guide Spedtest gave a result of 432kbps!!

I have pasted Tweaktest results below, I think that this all looks OK ?

I have tried the Numion test again, from the UK the result was 96kbps and the worldwide test didn't work at all.

I think there must be some problem with me using that particular test for some reason, I think I'll stick with the 432 above!!

Many thanks for your assistance.

Tweak Tester II

Service: isdndslcablewirelesssatellite Speed (advertised) kbit/s: Operating System: win95win98win98SEwinMEwinNTwin2kwinXPMacLinuxFBSDSolaris Connection: normalwinpoetwinXPpppoerouterpppoeraspppoeenternetpppoA

Your Tweakable Settings:
Receive Window (RWIN): 8592
Window Scaling: off
Path MTU Discovery: ON
RFC1323 Window Scaling: OFF
RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF
Selective Acks: ON
MSS requested: 1432
(less any hops behind firewall)
TTL remaining: 117

Notes and recommendations:
RWIN is in range
Looking good

Example 146000 byte download
Actual data bytes sent: 146000
Actual data packets: 102
Max packet sent (MTU): 1472
Max packet recd (MTU): 1472
Retransmitted data packets: 0
sacks you sent: 0
pushed data pkts: 26
data transmit time: 2.604 secs
our max idletime: 135.4 ms
transfer rate: 45934 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 367 kbits/sec
This is not a speed test!
transfer efficiency: 100%

Notes and recommendations:
Good data stream (no/few rexmits)

ICMP (ping) check
Minimum ping: 83 ms
Maximum ping: 86 ms
Ping stability:
84 84 85 85 84 83 83 84 84 86

Notes and recommendations:
Looking good

Connection speed

Yes, the ADSLguide result is the more realistic
if you get close to your line speed on the 'estimated'
speed result then that indicates a good line.
Remember there is contention aswell so speeds will be
up and down so take account of your highest speeds as
an indication of your line capability.
MTU is set by your modem at 1472 so you will not
be able to go any higher, I would suggest setting the
same value on your pc with DrTCP in both boxes, Dial up MTU RAS and the drop down box if it contains
your modems network adapter, if it's not listed then leave
that one blank.
Set RWIN 'TCP Receive' in multiples of 1432 , I would
start at 17184 and work backwards.

Connection speed is not the same sort of speed test that you get when testing with the PlusNet, ADSLGuide or Speakeasy types. These types send a single file of a known size and calculate the time taken to send it. The result is a simple maximum datarate result.
Numion continually loads images from 40 major websites. The test runs for a given time and the size of the images is known as is the number of times each image loaded. Again. by a simple bit of maths the datarate is calculated.

The result from the Plusnet type of speed tester would be what you would expect loading a large file from a single source.

The result from the Numion test is the true rate you could expect while browsing web pages (which of course have lots of images and text).
The numion test will also indicate how well your tweaking is for latency (RWIN setting). [Some people have noticed a low RWIN gives good results on Plusnet test, I doubt the same RWIN would give good results ofn the Numion test.]

Of note, because the Numion test can be affected by slow routes, overloaded sites etc, it is a more realistic test of what you can expect. It is also also harder to use in tweaking as there are a many aspects "out there on the net" that will affect the result more more than a few digits on the MTU.