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Connection speed drop to dial-up speed


Connection speed drop to dial-up speed

Using a netgear router/modem 814, i get a full bandwidth at the start but as time goes on it drops to dial-up, using kazaa when this happens

any ideas?

Connection speed drop to dial-up speed

Due to the way in which P2P applications operate, resources of the routers memory quickly become full, in handling each of the inividual connections in volved in the multi-point download process.

The problem is, the more connections a router has to handle, the slower it becaomes, even if all the connections it is handling doesn't fill your entrie bandwidth.

Further on, some routers have bug where after connections are complete, memory is returned to the system for use, thus cloging up vital space in memory.

In some cases this is not a bug, but a feature to allow new connections to the same destination to complete quicker.

To test this, hammer your ADSL line (use it to the full, I won't condone DIY Tongue ) until you see this.

Now turn the likes of Kazaa off for 6 hours. After this, see what your system speeds are like.

Depending on what Firmware you ahve, there may also be an upgrade for your modem. I am sure there will be someone along to offer you this newer firmware.