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Connection queries


Connection queries

I have a few queries that I've been saving up Cheesy

1. How can I tell what the maxium speed of my exchange currently is, rather than the speed I'm running at? In otherwords, my current whoosh tests show me as incapable of running anything above my current 1Mb, but is there any point in me trying to improve this if my exchange is only 1Mb and it's this causing my results?

2. I do know my local exchange has had some (or still may be) upgrades performed to it. Assuming the exchange improves my speed capability will I automatically go up to this new speed or do I have to inform PlusNet or something?

3. Complete unrelated to connecting - I changed my email addy a while ago and updated my PlusNet profile with this. However, mails from the forum are still going to my old address and I can't find a way to change this. Anybody know how?

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Connection queries

1. All exchanges can operate at 2Mb.
2. You will automatically be upgraded in due course, if your line can take it.
Or you could jump the queue now by paying £14.99
3. PM one of the mods with what you want your forum notification address to be - you can't change it yourself.

and 4 I assume if you were on the £29.99 premier, you have downgraded to £21.99 to save £8 a month for the same thing?

Connection queries

Thanks for that.

If all exchanges can achieve 2Mb then what is the current upgrade activity for? I assume what you mean is that all can achieve that but it depends on your distance on whether you can get it or not?

As per various posts have recommended I am going to plug my router directly into the master BT box to see what I can achieve from that.