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Connection quality


Connection quality

Im currently using the USB Alcatel ADSL modem, im just wondering if i was to buy either a better modem or a router - Would this improve the quality of connection i have? If so, then what kinda modem or router would i be better off with?


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Connection quality

Well, what quality of connection do you have? You have given us no clues or information on which to answer your question? Are you gettingfrequent disconnections? is the communication speed bad and if so what is it?

A better quality/different system may improve things if it is bad now but if your connection is a good as it i possible to get with your product it won't.

Have you gone through all the troubleshooting articles on the PlusNet help & support page and in the tutorials & FAQs forum. Have you also checked your wiring is correct and you are using the filter/splitters correctly as described in the ADSL wiring tutorial?

Connection quality

Im not havin any problems, just wanted to know if theres anything better than the alcatel usb modem im using now. Im on 1mb connection.

I was told by a m8 that these modems are pretty much rubbish and that a ethernet modem or what ever they are would be much better.?

Thats it really.
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Connection quality

If it is working fine there is no need to purchase another modem.

The only reasons to change your modem are: You want more features like firewall, 4 ports to connect more PCs, you have compatibility problems, your are having disconnect problems (often caused by power issues on the USB port) etc.

Connection quality

The Speedtouch in my opinion is one of the best USB modem
currently available, your friend may have come across a duff
one or had problems with USB and his/her pc.
USB is not the greatest interface, it uses up more of your
pc's resources but if you have a decent size processor
and power supply you should be OK.
I have both a speedtouch USB and Netgear router and there
is little or no difference on my system. Others may tell you
different and have found a good improvement when
upgrading to a router.
My pc is a decent spec and I'm located in London,
where Plusnets routers are located, so your location
will also make a difference with ping times etc.
I think the best advice is to try and borrow a router first
to test with your sytem. A router is no doubt the better device,
but the difference may be so small as not to be worth the extra
PS : Try the latest drivers V3.01 update from Speedtouch
Use the latest USB drivers via windows update.
Also DX9b helps with online gaming.
Check out the MTU tweak topic too. Smiley