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Connection problems since 7pm today (Netgear router & AD


Connection problems since 7pm today (Netgear router & AD

Been Connected with PlusNet for about a week now with no problems ....... until tonight. I have a NetGear DG814 which I have turned off most nights, but when I turn it on again it reconnects fine... usually.

Well tonight there is no ADSL connection - have tried all the router diagnostics and swapping out filters etc, but no luck. From poking around in I see that there might be some work underway at PlusNet to transfer some users to a new 155MB pipe on the 17/18th Sept? I also see that my exchange (Forest Hill in SE London) is due for an upgrade to the Alcatel DSLAMs on 21st Sept? Maybe the upgrades started early.....

I really hope this problem is sorted out quickly - I have just transferred away from BTOpenwound after enduring what can only be described as shambolic customer service whilst attempting to transfer my ADSL connection to a new propety. I got so fed up with BTO I forfeited the remainder of my contract payment and moved to PlusNet based on recommendations in

I will understand if there is a problem related to the BT exchange upgrades or the migration of users to the new pipe, I just ask that I am not kept in the dark about this!!!

Anyone else experiencing problems connecting to ADSL using a NetGear router?