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Connection problems on XP SP2


Connection problems on XP SP2

I'm on a plusnet 2Mb ADSL line shared between 4 computers with a speedtouch 510 router/modem. All of these machines configure themselves using DHCP and use the router as their DNS server. Since installing SP2 on my two XP machines I have been unable to connect to a number of websites (including the Sun Java download site and the majority of bittorrent trackers) despite getting the IP addresses from friends on other ISPs. The other two machines (Windows 2000 and Debian Testing) have no problems connecting to any of the addresses.

The XP firewall is off, Adaware, Spybot and HijackThis report no problems and I've followed the advice of a number of sites on MTU tweaking. I'm at a loss for what to do next.

Anyone got any ideas?

RE: Connection Problems XP SP2


I had the same sort of problems when I upgraded my PC's with SP2, may be similar. Dropped packets, DNS errors etc.

There are some advisories on Technet, and hopefully will point you in the right direction.

My initial response was; not use DHCP; set DNS on every PC (try some other DNS servers from your usual ones) and installed Netscape.

This did clear up the problem for me, but after the recent upgrades to +net routing, I reverted back to my previous settings and browser (IE) with no ill effects.

So I guess the bottom line is to experiment with your settings, and if still not working, raise a ticket.

Good Luck.
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Connection problems on XP SP2

if you are using the XP firewall then from gamers there is an Account access bug. A User and Power User account both can't access the web or use some games.

It could just be the ports needing opened but I use 2000pro so can't check.. The quick fix is either not to use the XP firewall or upgrade all user/power account users to admins <-- but not recommended, better using a third party firewall than allowing admin access for all users.
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Connection problems on XP SP2

They said the XP firewall is off in the first post.

Connection problems on XP SP2

sory to hijack this but thx peter +net have now put me thru for another regrade, after your help m8


Connection problems on XP SP2

Some interesting suggestions. I've fixed the bittorrent problem by turning the proxy settings I had used off (It was on my laptop and I needed them elsewhere) Shockedops: . The other problems remain. I get the same issue with firefox and manual DNS (Using the ones, some ntl ones and some ones) and nothing helped.