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Connection problem


Connection problem

I am having major problems with my connection dropping. It would appear from my firewall logs that my computer is being bombarded from other computers especially Plus customers, due to the severity it would seam that this is stopping me from getting a connection when I am trying to view pages. I am usually able to get a connection if I keep on refreshing the page I am trying to view. I have tried various things suggested by Plus Tec eg. firewall, virus, popup, but htese have found no problem. I have been asked to post results of WinMTR, I don't know why? but here they are.
Traceroute Results: View Traceroutes
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 21:15 to 21:35
Traceroute Duration: 20 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: dundee steeple
Problem: Other (Please explain below)
Other Problem Experienced: error message \'the page cannot be displayed\' happens most times when searching for pages
Duration of Problem: More than 1 month
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 448.30 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 463.70 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 456 kbps
Account: Broadband Easystart - 512kb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: None
Additional Information: have tried various tasks eg. firewall, virus checker, popup killer

If anyone can help, please do.
thanks robert
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Connection problem

What do you class as bombarded? Can you give examples of ther number of scans/probes your firewall is blocking and what time period they are occuring in?

What ADSL hardware are you using. If a router, have you upgraded to the latest firmware.

Have you checked you have all internal phones and other devices connection via ADSL filter/splitters. See ADSL: Wiring and Filters for details.

What MTU values are you using? Have you tried others - see
MTU tweak. If you have a router, is it set to the same MTU value as your PC?

Have you tried connecting your ADSL equipment directly to the master socket and removed all other phones etc to see if that is any different.