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Connection-page unavailable


Connection-page unavailable

I've never had any problem at all with my connection, until the last few weeks. I'll be on the net, and then after about 4 hours it starts to go really slow. I'll open a page and it'll just stop loading part way through, so I have to hit refresh oer and over again.

But then after a little while, I can get nothing but error pages, like the 404 errors. I haven't changed anything on my pc, haven't been visiting different sites or anything. The only thing that is any different is the registration on my Norton anti-virus ran out, but I cvan't see that making any difference?

I've tried doing trace routes, but they vary. Sometimes they can't get past the first hop, but most of the time the trace is sucessful, even though I can't actually open the page.

I'd really appreciate any ideas! Thanks

Connection-page unavailable

What if anything do you do the remidy the issue?

Does a disconnection then reconnection help?

Or does only a reboot sort it?

And to top things off, what connection hardware do you use?

If using PCI or USB, the symptoms discribed sound familiar of bad drivers. You may like to find out if you are upto-date with these.

Connection-page unavailable

Thanks Smiley

I'm using a PCI card, DSL- 100D. Only got it in January so I hope it's still fairly up-to-date! I don't really know though.

Disconnecting for a while usually helps it out for an hour or two. Although not if I reconnect again straight away, I'm better off waiting for a while.