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Connection keeps dropping

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Connection keeps dropping

I've been on Plus Net broadband for a few weeks now using the Binatone ADSL 500 modem.
Basically, I have had no problems with it, except that now and again I lose my connection and get a dialup box displayed on the screen.
The system tray says connected and I have leds going on the unit itself.
I read on some forum that the latest Via 4-in-1 drivers have helped some people, so I installed them.
According to the post, if it wasn't that, then it was probably a power fluctuation and a powered hub would help. I installed a powered hub first thing this morning and I've just lost the connection again.
It's easy to remedy. I just unplug the usb cable from the modem and plug it in again a couple of seconds later.
But it's damned annoying.
Does anyone have any idea what's causing this and ,more importantly, how to stop it ?

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Connection keeps dropping

2 or 3 lights?
(Date suggests 3?)
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Connection keeps dropping

Is your modem the one with 3 lights, if so it should not show a dialup networking connection window because it is installed as a network device not a modem.

Make sure you have windows set to never dial a connection: Start IE then select tools -> internet options -> connections tab and set never dial a connection.

Are you sure the connection is actually lost? What happens is you try to visit a web site after the dialup window occurs?

Do you see the power light on the modem go out or blink - this would indicate it's a USB power issue?

Is your powered hub a USB 2.0 device or is it for USB 1.1 only. The USB 2.0 devices powered hubs have better power handling and can supply more/better power than the 1.1 versions.

Also check it's not your wiring and filter connections causing the problem, All phones, faxes, sky boxes must be fitted through an ADSL filter/splitter. Also the modem shoul dbe connected to the ADSL side of a filter/splitter. See ADSL: Wiring and Filters.

Also check the troubleshooting pages on the customer support page (see link botton left) and ADSL: Trouble Shooting.


Peter Cool
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Registered: 30-07-2007

Connection keeps dropping

Thanks Peter, done all that.
It is a 3 light modem.
The reason I get a dialup screen is because in the connection settings, I have dialup when no network connection is available.
That's the first indication that anything is wrong.
Trying to access a site on IE is not possible - says I'm offline.

As this happens hours apart, I'm afraid they are not spent looking at the power LED to see if it blinks B-)
It is a 1.1 hub, but I'm beginning to think that power may not be the problem.

And I don't think any of my connections have swapped sides in the last couple of weeks.

Thanks, anyway