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Connection getting worse - no connection at all Now!


Connection getting worse - no connection at all Now!

There was a fault in the system before but at least I got connected with low speed the past weeks.

Since this morning, I lost connections at all. dont understand how PLUS net is making my situation worse?

Any guys here got similar problem and do you know why?

PLUS NET's customer service now is improving BUT the things still dont work. seems they are in shortage of skilled professionals/engineers.
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Connection getting worse - no connection at all Now!

What sort of modem/router do you have?
Have you recorded any line stats while you have had a working connection?-- upstream and downstream synch speeds, attenuation and SNR
The symptoms you have mentioned are too vague to enable any real diagnosis without more data

Connection Problems


Check the "Home Connection Down" post.

You are not the only one. Did not have any speed problems prior my connection problems, but I still have connections dropping every 20min or so.

I have been very patient today and waited 1hr and 20min and finally spoke to someone. First time in 3 weeks. Their answer was:
We will escalate it to the wholesaler again which means another 5 days at least of turnaround time.

I said that if I don't have a satisfying answer by 2nd August (5 days from tomorrow) then I will request my MAC code and try my luck somewhere else.

They did not make the impression that they cared a lot.....


Connection getting worse - no connection at all Now!

I have a similar problem but in reverse - after having no signal on my modem for 2 weeks I was asked to connect to the test socket (as I'm not exactly technically-minded, I didn't even know it existed) where I finally got to connect Smiley

The problem then was I was only syncing at 384kbps down but still 448kbps up.
I then removed the bell wire to see if it would help as I read it was no longer needed & this seemed to cure the problem & enabled me to connect using the other sockets but I was still syncing at 384kbps.
I added to my open ticket but I have yet to get a response - this was last Saturday !!

Since then my modem has been syncing at 160kbps down & 448kbps up & my last BT speed test returned an actual speed of just 135kbps.
I suspect, after browsing the forum that my speed has been capped by BT as there would have been a fault reported to them, is this the case do you think ?

FYI, my modem is a BT Voyager 105 & the stats are :-

Attenuation (dB) 41
SNR Margin (dB) 13

Attenuation (dB) 24
SNR Margin (dB) 20

I still don't understand why removing the bell wire seemed to solve the connection problem as it was perfect the day before it stopped altogether ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated as CS have not been very informative at all Cry