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Connection getting slower and slower


Connection getting slower and slower

According to the plusnet speedtest my speed is getting slower every time, not doing anything to my connection for it to do this.

Results below, most recent to oldest.

22-05-2004 00:46:15 335.1
16-05-2004 03:48:47 348.6
16-05-2004 03:45:53 337.1
14-05-2004 19:24:08 343.6
14-05-2004 19:23:38 342.6
03-05-2004 04:07:38 456
03-05-2004 02:45:02 468
03-05-2004 13:16:21 472.3
03-05-2004 13:13:21 456

I want to go back in the 400's at least, download speeds of about 30k are way too slow

Any help appreciated, however you spell it

EDIT: Sorry more info would be helpfull I guess.

Well I got BT Voyager 100 modem, from my phone line I have an extension that I had in since I used 56k before, in the other end of that I have the filter, then the modem and phone come off that.

PC Specs

1.5ghz amd athlon xp
abit at7e motherboard
sound blaster 5.1 digital
geforce 2 64mb graphics
256mb ddr ram
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Connection getting slower and slower

Reboot your PC maybe

power cycle the router if it is external.

Have you tried one of the other speed testers like

What MTU and RWIN values are you using on the PC and what MTU value is used in your router if it is stand alone? See the MTU tweak thread for ideas and a tool (DrTCP) to show your current settings.

Have you checked your exchange status - click on the usertools link in my sig. If it is amber or red then that could explain the speed fluctuations/reductions.

Do you have anything using the network when you perform the tests? Any p2p apps etc.

Details of your hardware and ADSL modem type may be helpful.

Are you able to try connecting directly to the master socket?

Connection getting slower and slower

Ran this program but I dont understand any of this yet, used 56k too long.

Adapter settings is showing my network card not my modem, when my network card aint being used.

Got nothing running in the background, absolutly nothing apart from AIM and MSN, rebooted a lot recently, reconnected the modem just dont get it.


Connection getting slower and slower

Got my m8 to look at his settings, as hes on 512k with NTL, his tcp recieve window is at 256960 and MTU is empty and he gets download speed up to 70kb/s. I changed my tcp recieve to the same, rebooted, but now when I check it, its at 65535, which is 1 whole digit short, around 150000 less than what I entered, why is this?
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Connection getting slower and slower

NTL uses cable not ADSL so the setting they have do not apply to ADSL.

Having a high RWIN figure makes little sense and does not increase your speeds on ADSL. Windows will also limit you to 65535 if you have windows scaling set to No or default. To use a higher RWIN you must set windows scaling to Yes, but this adds additional overheads and can slow your connection down.

Try an RWIN (Tcp receive window) value of 17256 which is what I and many others use with an MTU of 1478. The RWIN value must be a multiple of MSS with is MTU - 40, so 65535 is not the correct figure to use.

A few other changes to what you have posted above:

Windows Scaling: No
Time Stamping: No
Selective Acks: Default
Path MTU discovery: Default
Black hole detection: No
Max duplicate Acks: 2
TTL: 64

And MTU: 1478 (leave Dialup RAS MTU blank or whatever is set).

Then click save.

Connection getting slower and slower

Very high RWIN settings will reduce your speed, as it takes far long to fill the buffers. Some server configuration swill need you speeds start fast then slow deminish to nothing.

Very low RWIN settings will means faster speeds to local servers like PlusNet, but US servers (high latency connections) will be slow.

The theory is by many that "you should never need to change these settings", the truth is, you do.

Different network types and speeds require different settings to optimise the connection. Windows comes with a default setting designed for most LANs and/or dialup connections.

Connection getting slower and slower

Well I left rwin at what it got set at, and i got 60kb/s download on this ftp that iv always been getting 17k speeds on, and got 480 on speed test which is most i have ever got, but the ftp has slowed down to 35k, but not sure if thats cuz of more people on it, or my connection getting slower.

Will try another speed test later, and if its still around 480 I guess il leave the settings as they are, or try the settings you suggested and see whats better. Wish I got weird speeds like someone else I know on adsl whos supposed to get about 70k download but gets 110k a lot lol

Il also try downloading large files from fast UK servers and from US servers and see what the speeds are like, so far im loving this speed boost, just hope it stays there.