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Connection down 3am?

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Connection down 3am?


During the maintenance you should not experience any continuous connection problems, as only half of the fully redundant system will be down at any one time.

I got disconnected at 3am approx. Reconnection was instantaneous. Did anyone else experience this? The ATM traffic doesn't look 100% normal.


Connection down 3am?

i can't get on here Sad not on this domain is there still a problem
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Connection down 3am?

No lost connection here. It could have been BT working on the MTU problem near you, or just plain lost connection at your exchange.
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Connection down 3am?

Can I just say how wonderful it is to be able to actually air our concerns over a lost connection.

We had a number of ISP's over the years, mostly using the BT discount package. We were always getting disconnected. I am told this happens more or less depending WHERE you live. The ISP's blamed BT and BT blamed the ISP's - i.e. NOTHING you can do about it, not even get the satisfaction of a complaint that anyone will look at.

In desparation, late one night, I used that "coaster" we all have - the AOL CD.

I HATED their software but it was a small price to pay for a "reliable" connection. Still, dialing in at 6:00pm most evenings required a number of attempts / alternate numbers (automatic) before you could get in. If they were busy you also got booted off. Still, we found it was the best of the dial-ups.

Stayed with AOL 2 years. Only left AOL to join +Net. Two months and, ONE failure that lasted more than a few hours. The three of us who now surf together, rather than argue about who's turn it is, and LOVE the SPEED are really Cheesy