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Connection capped @128kbps 24/7


Connection capped @128kbps 24/7

I know I have exceeded my peak time usage of 20gb. For days now my connection since then has never reset to full speed (up to 8mbps) during off-peak time. I'm stuck on 128kbps all the time.

And in other news my internal pci adsl modem is now syncing with the exchange at 6144K. It used to sync at 8000k for months.
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Connection capped @128kbps 24/7

What product are you on - see account details -> account summary

What are your full line stats?

Have you tried connecting to the master socket or the test socket.

Have you tried will all phones disconnected?

Have you got filters on all phones, faxes, old modems, sky boxes, alarms

Have you tried a different filter

etc etc etc

Connection capped @128kbps 24/7

I was on the old Broadband Premier service that cost £21.99 a month. I recently regraded my service to BBYW option 3 that costs £19.99. I did this because it seemed logical to start paying a bit less considering how long I've been with +net.

I've now realized that the new service sucks compared to the old one for the following reasons...

Premier: Peak Hours were from 4pm to 12am and during Off-Peak Hours (12am - 4pm) my connection would have unlimited full speed free usage regardless of whether I used up all my paid usage.

BBYW option 3: Peak Hours are now from 8am to 12am. Off-Peak is 12am to 8am and when my paid usage has been reached my connection is capped off at 128kbps during Peak AND Off-Peak time.

I've already paid an extra 75p to up my paid usage up to 21GB which got used up in less than 24hrs. It seems that the Premier service was far more economical. I don't think I can switch back.
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Connection capped @128kbps 24/7

Hi there,

Once you reach your usage limit on BBYW you will find yourself restricted at 128k 24/7 until you either:-

1. Add more usage or upgrade package
2. Reach your billing date and the usage resets
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 Chris Parr
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