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Connection but no IP!


Connection but no IP!

Probably a common question. But since I'm a newbie.

I have an ADSL connection on my Solwise 715. But no ISP IP is found.
This is the same when using the 'bt_test@' chap username.

Any ideas? Cry

Connection but no IP!

ADSL modem/router connection is a two part process.

1: Sync with the exchange
2: Authenticate and obtain details.
To test the status of a connection, you can do the following.

Open the web-interface in your browser.

In the status screen, scroll to the bottom under the "Defined Interfaces" section, then select the "Show Statistics" link next to "PPPoA routed".

In this screen, the third table (titled "PPPoA Parameters"), there is a status item.

This will tell you where the modem is up to in the connection. Report this here, and I can try to help more.

If you don't have some of these items above, then you not set the correct parameters when doing the setup.

Use the "Quick Start" wizzard, which should get you up.

Connection but no IP!

Thank you for a swift reply. Will try this tonight and report back. Shocked

Connection but no IP!

hmmm. your instructions did not quite match the menus on my SAR715.

But I managed to get it working by removing the PPPoA details and re-entering them. Something I had already done. But who cares now, it's working.

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I've found I need to enter the IP address, for my SAR 715, it will not pick it up automatically.

Also after doing a firmware upgrade, and restarting router, I had to unplug and plug back in the lead to the phone.

So the instructions do not always work!