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Connection & Speed Problems


Connection & Speed Problems

FAO: Ben Brown & Dave Tomlinson, Or anybody else who can help

I have been recieving terrible speeds for some time now and have ran the following tests.....

1. I have tried using 2 seperate computer systems connected to this line (both of which still return slow speeds, so there are no problems with the computers)

2. I have ran various speed tests and they show speeds well below the level i should be expecting ( i have a 2mb account), i have been recieving between 90-300 kbps on the speed tests.

3. i have used both the BT Voyager 106 ADSL modem that i was supplied, and also a Cisco 800 series router, and yet i was still recieving slow speeds. which proves that neither modem or router are at fault.

4. i have had my account accesed on other lines and they are getting maximum speeds, and i also have also connected using somebody elses Account details on this line, and the speeds are still shockingly slow, which proves that there is nothing wrong with the account.

Which only leaves one possible cause for the slow speeds, my BT line! Now BT have said that they have found nothing wrong with my line itself, but i know that there is a problem at BT's end, something is terribly amiss. So hopefully somebody at plusnet can contact BT about this, as BT will only speak with Plusnet about this issue, it seems that i am getting speeds of a 512kb connection, not my 2.2Mb. So something is clearly wrong. Hopefully somebnody can look into this for me.

Kind Regards.