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Connection Tweaks For 2Mbit Users?


Connection Tweaks For 2Mbit Users?

Considering a vast proportion of PlusNets customers are hopefully going to have speed regrades to 2Mbit, I was curious in advance if there are known tweaks for the connection.

On my current 512Kbit account, after a small amount of testing, I have...
MTU: 1430
RWIN: 13900
...which I find work great.

Onto 2Mbit, am I right in saying that MTU stays the same and only RWIN changes?
Thus may I ask for 2Mbit users to give us their preferred values so we can give them ago? Smiley

Best Regards

Connection Tweaks For 2Mbit Users?


After upgrading to 2Mbit I have found these to be my best values

MTU = 1478
RWIN = 50330

See sig' for speeds

I've found this page extremely helpful
Rather than spending time trying different values each time this will explain how to find your correct MTU and RWIN.
Also try reading through the "Tweek" (spelling?) guide at the top of this page.