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Connection Problems


Connection Problems

I'm a new customer to PN and I haven't used it once yet as I can connect!! My friend who is an IT Support/Web support could not fix the problem. It seems to be at PN's end, but I ring the fault line, wait for 30mins like it says and yet the waiting time is STILL 30mins, its USELESS!! Tried raising a ticket to help but this just sends you around in a circle and is now saying to fill in detailed report but there is NO link to this!! Have now cancelled direct debit as I can't get hold of ANYONE at PN for support, at least if they don't get paid they will contact me quickly then!!
Any advice on this matter?Huh
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Connection Problems

Few questions!

Are you using a router or a modem? What kind?
Are you getting connected at all?
If you are getting connected how quickly do you get disconnected?
Are there any lights constantly flashing on your modem or router?
Have you double checked all your user details etc?
Do you know which exchange your on?


Connection Problems

if its any connected fine Shocked
In all seriousness though. It is more than likely to be a bad router or modem configuration your end or maybe a line problem? Have you had ADSL installed prior to this?


Connection Problems

thanks for replies.
I'm using a Netgear Router, wireless all set up fine.
I have managed to get connected for about 30seconds today, then not again.
The light on router goes to a steady green then goes off, then starts flashing amber. I have double checked ALL of my user details.
The support line and website is USELESS!!
Wireless works fine, signal is excellent.
Reset the router and it worked for a bit sunday night, now NOTHING!
Had it for a month now and not even used the damn thing!!!

Connection Problems

Hi there,

looks like you are losing synch, which is either down to your local wiring or filters or a problem with your line or exchange. it wont be down to Plus net.

Have a read at the following tutorials

ADSL Wiring and Filters

ADSL Troubleshooting

That should help eliminate everything or at least most things at your end.

Moving from Plus net will not necessarily resolve this one if its a local or line issue as it will simply move with you. Best carrying out the checks and letting the ticket system work through it to get it sorted properly.

Let us know how it goes.

Connection Problems

thanks for that, i will try it 2mor and let you know.
You have been more help in 5 minutes than a hour long phone call to the technical support team of plus net listening to some really bad music!!

Connection Problems

listening to some really bad music!!

Oh I know that feeling. The tunes arent great tbh. Sad

Good luck anyway. If we can do more just shout.

Connection Problems

still the same.
Tried plugging wire straight into phone box, just flashes still. And I did switch router off for a bit and switched back on, flashing away. Am getting VERY fed up with it now.
Don't know what else I can do!!
Don't know how to synchronise it or whatever it is that means.
I may need to call in some help before I smash my computer and router up!! Evil Evil

Any suggestionsHuh?

I did raise a ticket for it before but it dsaid I should then fill in some form which I couldn't find a link for, then the ticket got closed. Plus Net support is useless.