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Connection Problems


Connection Problems

Just a quickie to see if anyone has any ideas, have already logged a call with Plusnet.

I am having problems getting a connection, I have a D-link DSL504 router and the Status light keeps flashing although the link light is active after a couple of minutes.

I actually get a connection (as shown in the router management utility) but when I try to browse the net I just get page cannot be found.

I did an NSLOOKUP at the command prompt and it seems to have a problem getting to the Plusnet DNS servers although when I pointed it at the BT DNS servers the lookups worked perfectly although brosing still didn't work.

I then did a TRACERT at the command prompt and the route seemed to go to my router then out to Plusnet but then didn't seem to be able to route any further than the first hop at Plusnet. It is almost as if it can't break out of the Plusnet network to the Internet!

For the record I could also connect using the bt_test adsl account fine.

Any ideas??