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Connection Problems "Training"


Connection Problems "Training"

OK bear with me ..... I have read several other threads and read the FAQ on filters so pretty much understand that. Two days ago my ADSL connection was activated as I had paid £60 quid to have it moved to the new house. I used the same filtering system as the old house and the connection just goes in to training made but never syncs
1/ Does this mean that I have ADSL activated on the line ??

From what I can see the main line comes in to the house and in to one of those old style BT rectangular BT phone points under the stairs. From here an ADT alarm id connected directly in to it MMMm didn't think that was allowed then a lead goes from this box to the recepepton BT new style phone box. There are 2 other phone points one in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen which I assume are attached to the reception socket. I have tried all 3 of these connection points but to no avail. I have even tried plugging directly in to these without any filters and it still does not work, as I thought that providing you have nothing else attached a filter is not required. Next I disconnected the 2 wires going from the ADT alarm to the main BT box under the stairs. Still no good.

It appears that the prevous owners had another telephone point put in the study and it looks like this is run from the point in the reception. This has since been dissconnected maybe they could never get their ADSL working Huh?

Really I want some advise on who to talk to to get this sorted out. Should I call BT, and get them to send an engineer around would this help ??
Can BT run any tests if so what should I ask for.
How can I know for sure that there is nothing wrong with the ADSL signal.
Would BT be able to show where the master socket is etc

Any advise is much appreciated as I pulling my hair out !!!


Connection Problems "Training"

If the line is coming in to an old rectangular box first, BT will replace it with an NTE5, free of charge. Whilst the engineer is there, leave a fiver on view! You never know!

This site will give you an idea of setting up the extensions if the fiver doesn't work:

Connection Problems "Training"

PS. Can you get dial tone anywhere in the house? Back at 19:00.