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Connection Problem after a week away


Connection Problem after a week away

Just back from a holiday and found my connection is not nthere anymore ! I got the followings when I tried to connect:
Connection Time: 00:00:00
Connection to Server: Failed
Negotiation: LCP down
Authentication: CHAP authentication failed
Getting IP address :- - -

Does this make sense to anyone? What is LCP ?
My username and password are all correct and have changed nothing from my original config. Never had any problems before !
Thanks alot.

Connection Problem after a week away

Hey, I'm just learning about this stuff ... Wink

LCP = Link Control Protocol which is used to establish a connection between your router and PN's servers.

I have also seen this message in my router status from time to time lately but I'm not sure what would cause it.


LCP down


I've also been seeing this problem from time to time. I found that setting my Netgear router to connect using PPPoE instead of PPPoA resulted in restored service and no further failures. I have ansolutely no idea why this would be as the connection should definitely be PPPoA ! On one occasion when my connection failed I set the router to autodiscover the connection type and it came back as PPPoE instead of PPPoA. Strange but true.

I do get slightly slower speeds using PPPoE (about 10% slower) but it seems to be more stable. May be worth a try if you're still getting disconnects?

In case you're interested, my router is a Netgear DG834PN (previously had a DG834GT which did exactly the same).