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Connection Issues


Connection Issues


ADSL was activated yesterday. Have a 1Mb service running through my D-Link DSL-G604T router. Looking at the stats from the Router, the service shows what would be expected from a 1Mb line. DSL stats are as follows:

DSL Status
Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 288
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 1152
US Margin 25
DS Margin 0
Modulation GDMT
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 57
US Line Attenuation 63
Path Mode Fast Path

DSL Statistics
Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0

Sometimes the DS Margin can go through the roof (24100000). Not to sure what this means. When I try to connect with the supplied BT Voyager 105 modem, it simply won't synch!!! Connection through the router is not to bad, sticks from time to time and from the logs, it looks like it drops from time to time. Is the 1Mb speed simply too much for my line (quite a distance from the exchange)?



Connection Issues

I'm in a similar situation to you.

I'm not sure whether my line has been activated, at exchange level, or not..
It was allocated to be activated today, but as far as I can ascertain, Pnets order tracker only updates daily.

I'm getting no synch, though... Am using the supplied Voyager105, and it's picking up nowt.

Am a little concerned that, like you, my line perhaps can't handle 1Mb (What i've been allocated), as i'm in a very rural area, qyite a distance from the exchange :/

Connection Issues

My problem turned out to be related to a dodgy connection in one of the extensions points in my house. Fixed the connection and bob's you uncle.

Do you have extension points in the house?

Connection Issues

I do, yes.

In what sense was the connection dodgy?

Connection Issues

If your extension points are fitted to the walls, check behind them that the cables are connected properly (not loose). To test the line, remove the face plate from the Master BT Socket. Behind there is a test socket. Plug the modem into there directly. This will isolate all extension points in the house. If your modem synchs then the fault lies within the cabling of the extension points. This was the problem with my connection. A quick call to a relative who works for BT advised me how to fix it.

Try the test socket first. If it still does not synch then raise this with Plus.Net.

Let me know how you get on.