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Connection Dropping: Question + Work-Around


Connection Dropping: Question + Work-Around

I have, since signing up about 1.5 months ago, been having a problem where my connection dies completely. This seems to happen either after 5-6 days of connection or after 24 to 36 hours [never, so far, anywhere in between]. This is quite inconvinient when I want to access my little server but am away from the house [so can't reset the equipment].

Is anyone else experiencing this? Could it be the exchange, or indeed my router? PlusNet's response [via the support-line on the first couple of occurances] is that they believe it to be an exchange issue, with the usual 'reset your equipment and disconect for a while' solution. FYI: I am using the router provided by PlusNet as part of the starter-kit.

The first couple of times I went through the whole 'disconnect and power cycle for 15 mins, try BT test...] procedure, but have since discovered that simply resetting the router via its web interface usually surfices.

Because of this I have setup a script [run hourly via Cron] that checks the connection and resets the router if it can't see certain sites [several know-to-be-reliable sites are checked, and a reset is only done if none of them are visible]. If anyone out there would find the script useful, let me know and I'll post it here.
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RE: Connection Dropping: Question + Work-Around

I had a problem of i kept on loosing sync, and what i found ti to be was the telephone cable (not the one from the modem/router). I had a phone cable hardwired in the house (1 master and one spare). If i used the spare one i would get sync for 5 min then loose it some time a day or longer then it would die and could take hours to come back. I found out that if i run another cable from the master socket (cable from argos) then i do not loose sync and it all works fine...



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