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Connection Drop Out


Connection Drop Out

Any ideas why internet connection should drop on my PC?

Symptoms are computer (running XP, with Norton Firewall) using both Firefox and IE to browse the Internet, then message "Connection Refused" comes up. Any connected web applications drop out and I can't access any web pages.

The connection to the router (NETGEAR DG834G) appears fine, the connection status on the router say's I'm connected- it's as though I can't see the DNS.

What solves the problem is rebooting the PC, why this should help, I don't know. Any ideas? :?
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Connection Drop Out

Try with the firewall disabled - your router firewall should protect you during this test period. Also try with your AV disabled as well.

Norton has been know to cause unpredictable problems. I had too many problems with it so switched to ZoneAlarm Pro.

While probably not an issue, make sure you are running the latest 2.10.22 firmware for your router. Details available on the netgear website.

Connection Drop Out

i am also having this same problem i am using norton anti virus and recently got a mercury ART514CX router. The problem usally starts after a while of been on the internet then web pages stop loading but if i keep trying to get on to the web page after a while it loads but usally has no images on the web site. This happens when i have tested on internet explorer and firefox. I thought it would of been the router setup wrong so i tryed the voyager 105 ADSL modem i got with my broadband premier, but it still has the same problem after a while. So i thought it must be norton anti virus 2005 because i know that can cause problems with things so i uninstalled it and tryed with both modem and router again and still the same thing was happening. Then i thought the problem must be with the computer so i started testing again on another computer on my network and still got the same problem.

So does anyone know the solution to this strange problem?
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Connection Drop Out

i have also been getting connection drops in the middle of the night recently, its annoying because my router doesnt seem to want to automatically reconnect.

Any ideas?

Router: D-link DSL-504T

Connection Drop Out

same here and if you look amongst the other posts you will see the same problem in one form or other....
its worse for wear for me during gaming now on BF2 and CS.....i dont bother firing up those games now as it leads to frustration more than anything else...

lets see what the contact ticket returns.... Sad

Connection Drop Out

Still the problem persists.

I haven't had a problem recently as I haven't been at home during the day. This week I've had the problem as I've been at home. I tried disabling my Norton Security to fix the problem but to no avail.

The problem appears to happen mostly at around 2pm - for a period of upto an hour.

I've heard a rumour that at this time (early afternoon) the "Service Providers" have outages. Obviously they don't like to publicise these outages, but it would be most useful to people who require a permanent connection, and it would also stop people "barking up the wrong tree" when trying to diagnose their problems.

Has anybody else heard about these outages?

Connection Drop Out

I have recently been getting the same problem

Playing BF2 most nights and then 'bam' - connection probs about 8pm to 9pm

Connex drops are becoming more regular. :shock: Sad

Connection Drop Out

I've been getting this too with Guild Wars on a DG834G too. Usually at night. I think it has to do with being "upped" to 2mb (didn't ask for it) which, according to BT, my line wont support, which, having a downlinkattenuation of 60db, I agree with! Sad

Works great for browsing and email but for gaming it just really kills it.

Anyone know if there's an easy way to downgrade down to 1mb on (on Premier) without being charged then I can see if this works.

I started a ticket but now have to answer a few questions, some of which I can't answer properly until I get hold of a) another modem and b) someone elses ADSL line, otherwise I could be looking at a £50+ charge if BT find no fault... Which they won't, just a crappy line.

to no94shelgate:
I work with a computer company with a quite a few clients. All of whom let us know first (for some reason) if their emails/web (porn! don't think we don't knowWink) gets interrupted. Strange thing is, we never just get one client phoning. We get them in groups! *knowing smile*. It's even got to the point that two weeks ago, I phoned one client I get on with - good laugh - to warn him that his email might not be working which surprised the hell out of him when he found out that it wasn't! I only knew because three other people who used D*monNet phone up four minutes before, winging.


Connection Drop Out

This is happening to me aswell. This is my setup

Zoom ADSL modem
with DMZ to
Netgear FVS318 firewall

My PC (no software firewall)

My Zoom modem regularly (as in every 1-2 hours) drops in the evening (don't know during the day as I'm not here) for about 6 weeks now.

I'll put this question out: Can an application you are using cause your ADSL modem to disconnect? I always seem to drop when playing Counter Strike Source. Or maybe its a coincidence and I just play it too much.