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Connecting between 2 sites with broadband ?


Connecting between 2 sites with broadband ?

I have two companies both which have ADSL connections I access an access databse through an inventory management system called cribmaster
Is there any suggestions regarding hardware or software solution which will increase the speed of uploading between the two sites or a way of testing my upload speed from the other site.
Please help complete newbie when it comes to ADSL all I know is that SDSL is what I need it costs too much and wont be in my area until 2009 probably

Connecting between 2 sites with broadband ?

It is well possible a multiple DSL connections could be used for this. AAISP have for some time, provided a firebrick solution that will bond the upload of two DSL lines.

The same could be done using two connections with PlusNet.

This is not ideal and is by no means a job for a startup network technitian.
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Wireless link

How far apart are the sites; is there a direct line of sight between them?

Just a shot in the dark, a wireless bridge.

OK, it was a long shot.

Connecting between 2 sites with broadband ?

firstly, your speed in either direction will be governed by your slowest upload speed on any of the connections. so that will be your peak speed.
you sound as though you already have a connection working. testing the speed to the server is not really possible. this is not due to your connection but to how your programs communicate. that will decide the overhead issues of protocol etc.

really, you should investigate the idea of a vpn or virtual private network.
for this, you will need both connections to have a stable ip addy. its not neccessary but better in practice and it makes things easier.
once thats in place, you can then treat each connection as a part of a virtual lan.

hope this helps.